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One Card Draw!

This is your open one-card draw thread! I will be reading off the   Fenestra Tarot. If you'd like a reading, please comment   below. I can respond in comments or via private email -- if you'd  prefer  a private reading, just leave me your email. You can ask a  specific  question, or simply ask for an overview.

As always, the  tip jar  is out. Donate if you feel so moved. If you're not able to, or  you feel  funny about it, I just ask that you pay it forward in some  way.


Aug. 8th, 2010 09:54 pm (UTC)
The Devil
Your card is The Devil, on which the Devil sites on a throne and holds two individuals in chains. While many people fear this card because of the imagery, it does not pertain to the Devil as an evil entity. Rather, this card tells me that you feel stuck between a rock and a hard place, as though you are not in control. Indeed, you may feel as though your circumstances are completely beyond your control -- whether there is someone who owes you money but is not paying up, or your financial situation is tied up in legal wrangling (waiting for a settlement), or otherwise controlled by external forces. While there may be nothing you can do about anyone else's actions, do be sure you have done all you CAN do. If you are waiting for a debt to be paid -- or something like alimony or child support -- be sure that you have taken all necessary legal measures. Also take the time to check your budget for "leaks" or ways that you can save money.

If you are looking for new employment, consider extending your search beyond your comfort zone. (If you are unhappy in your current job, consider starting a search!) This card tells me that you feel helpless in this situation but are not -- you may be unconsciously limiting your options. Think big. Also get really clear about what you want from your job or career so that you can avoid getting into another situation where you feel chained and helpless.